Suzie. Canada. A proud ELFish, Mitang, Vitamin, String, Gamer, Camomile, and Siwonest. But you can still find the rest of the SuJu here! This is the place where I make rainbow and magic happen so please make yourself at home. <3
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  • @krungy21 Selfie with leedonghae #SuperShow6

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  • seoulfvls:

    [TRANS] @ryeong9: Ah it’s really stale~ Empty~ Ah it’s really lonelyㅋㅋ Watching the movie it’s as if hearts are popping out, it became warmer. Looking around it seems like everyone is dating except for me~ㅠ~ Should I have some budae jjigae or something and sleep.. Give me some consolation  (trans)

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  • beautifulhangeng:

    Han Geng in “One Day” charity movie

    Via YouTube

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  • eunhyukee44: Our friendship forever #MoviesAreAtBestWhenYouWatchItAlone (c)

    KKT convo:
    Who wants to watch movie?~~~

    …… *no reply* (15 of 21 people read the message but didn’t reply)
    Eunhyuk: Assa, I shall go watch it alone! (c)

    @ryeong9: Watch it with me after I finish radio. Is there any showing at late night ㅠ (c)

    @nae1004: Really sorry for saying no when you asked to watch a movie together ㅠ hyung is really tired today kk (c)

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